Friday, 29 January 2016

Is Having Tattoo A Sin For Girls..?

Hey Beautiful Girls There..
I have got many requests on writing a blog on having tattoo. (For Indian Girls)
Because I guess many of you have seen me with my hand full of tattoo. Yes.. It is true I am an Indian girl and I am having a lot of them on my hand.. When I got the 1st request on writing about it I was pretty sure to write on it later but then I got too many requests so I had to do it now.
If you are Indian Girl and wanting to have a tattoo and want to know about the pros and cons of having it.. Girls, this one is for you.

Personally for me tattoo are like really important, just because they are made on different occations, tattoo represent my feeling my nature and my life. My tattoo's were made just because I don't want to  forget that moments and so I just made them printed out, Now this tattoo's will help me to remember this moments forever.. 
I Have seen many guys having tattoo just for fun,but I believe that tattoo's shouldn't be made without  a reason or for fun. Each tattoo you make should represent you  or any particular time or event of life...
Tattoo are like second camera, whenever there is any important moment you take out pictures but as time goes the pictures fade away or get lost, so making tattoo is the best way to remember and cherish that moment forever...
I would like to share my personal tattoo's.

Ya so girls if you want to have tattoo,  And have a valid reason for having it, or maybe you are like me want to make them for your loved one stop thinking about the world, the society.. and just have it done. I had to face many problems having them, but at the end everything is just perfect, now people having started understanding me and my tattoo's also..


  1. You can capture the moment and stays forever.
  2. You get strength.
  3. It is form of self-expression.
  4. Safe (If you get it done from professional)


  1. Its really pains while making it.
  2. People will judge you.
  3. Society will discourage you.
  4. It may limit your career path.
Indian Girls, please please please don't live under pressure, you are a totally different personality and a free democratic individual. Fulfill you dreams and let your heart get wings.

That's it for today, I hope this blog may help you.
Thank you

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